RTA Rider Throws Coffee in Driver's Face




RTA again? RTA again.

But this time, everyone's favorite uppercutting public transportation isn't to blame.

Monday morning, a man in his twenties got on the No. 48 bus, according to Cleveland.com. And he failed to pay, which is a no-no. The driver, who'd been with RTA since 1995, stopped the freeloader when he attempted to exit the bus and asked him to pay. Again, the answer was no.

The driver then hit the restroom, avoiding confrontation, but when he was done using the facilities, the passenger was waiting, cup of coffee in hand, and hurled the hot liquid at the driver's face.

Details beyond that are sketchy right now as everyone waits for RTA's official report, but the driver was treated at the Cleveland Clinic.

The lesson, as always: don't ride or work in public transit.


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