Lorain Man Slashes Neighbor's Face After Political Discussion Goes Bad



“Look, Wilson, youre welcome over here, just leave that Birther shit on the other side of the fence, okay?”
  • “Look, Wilson, you're welcome over here, just leave that Birther shit on the other side of the fence, okay?”

Mom always said it's bad policy to mix drinkin' with political talkin', leave that for sober minds. But sound advice had no purchase out in Lorain this week. There, a neighborly discussion about politics turned violent. Obviously, the topic was President Obama, because, really, what other political topic in 2012 America could inspire two neighbors to go rounds — they weren't battling about debt ceilings. Someone left this particular disquisition with a slashed face.

On Monday night (Debate Night, remember?) Corey Craig and his neighbor — only identified as “Nelson” — were drinking beer, according to 19ActionNews. When the conversation roamed over to the political realm, Nelson became agitated.

At some point in the conversation, the two men must have ground up against personal differences. According to police, Nelson offered to grab the 19-year-old Craig another brewski. When he came back, Nelson bashed his neighbor over the head, slicing open his face. No word on what particular stances blasted away Nelson's self-control.

Craig's wife was on-hand for the alleged assault; she dragged her husband back to their house, then called the authorities. He was eventually life-flighted to Metro. The slash runs vertically down the length of his face.

As for Nelson, he booked after the alleged assault, hasn't been captured or charged at this point. His girlfriend played evasive maneuvers with police, declining to spell his last name or offer his age.

Do check back for more info as it becomes available.

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