Pic of the Day: Christmas Ale On Tap Now


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This was the scene at Great Lakes at 11:06, just six minutes after GLBC unleashed Christmas Ale on tap for the first time this year.

There were TV crews and reporters, thirsty folks who apparently had nowhere else to be and nowhere else to be next (soberly) in the middle of the day, Santa Claus, festive hats, grilled sausage, decorations, and more, because the heart of rock 'n' roll is in Cleveland, and so is the urge to drink strong beer before the clock strikes noon.

If any of your coworkers were missing in action, this is probably where they were.

And if it comes to dinner time and your husband/wife, girlfriend/boyfriend, sister/brother aren't home yet, that's probably where they still are. Or just outside in the gutter.


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