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We are only a few weeks away from TNT’s constant barrage of the cult classic A Christmas Story. By now, everyone knows that the backdrop for this story is a small house on an obscure side street of trendy Tremont. This home has become one of Cleveland’s most visited tourist attractions, especially around the holiday season. With the hordes of visitors, the folks who run the Christmas Story House wanted to provide a dining option that plays into the film.
Which brings us the Chinese restaurant that saved the Parkers’ Christmas. In its place, insert Bac Nguyen and his popular Tremont eatery Bac. Located only a couple blocks from the famous house, Bac Asian America Bistro and Bar is working with the Christmas Story House to provide dining discounts after tours by offering 10 percent off your bill with your Christmas Story Home tour stub. What a cool idea and a great collaboration between neighborhood businesses. I wonder if Bac will serve duck?


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