6,298 Pints of Christmas Ale on the Wall




Has this become a Cleveland pilgrimage? Is it our version of the iPhone release? Looks eerily familiar — hordes of fans traveling long distances and lining up early. A lot of them called off work, with some even requesting time off in advance. The others just took a very extended lunch hour, or downright played hooky.
The release of Great Lakes Christmas Ale on Thursday afternoon marked the brewery’s 2012 First Pour event. This preternaturally popular beer is available only at the Brewpub until November 1st, when it goes on sale in retail outlets. Putting aside the absence of Santa Claus and Mr. Jingeling (both big fans), this event attracted hundreds and the consumption/sales results are staggering.
According to Manager Jeff West, over a period of 13.5 hours, the Brewpub averaged one full pour of Christmas Ale every 7.7 seconds, for a grand total of 6,298 pints. That rivals many establishments’ overall beer sales on St Patrick’s Day. With these numbers on the first day, it is shaping up to be a very Merry Christmas for GLBC, and our livers too!

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