Judge Rules in Favor of Cleveland Heights Football Team (Updated)



Who gets to play for the glory?
  • Who gets to play for the glory?

Update: After initially siding with Cleveland Heights, a judge has now rescinded his temporary restraining order. In plainspeak, that means the original playoff schedule is a go — Mayfield is in the playoffs; Cleveland Heights is out. Domino-ing off this decision is the Division 4 schedule: in that bracket, Beachwood will play instead of Edgewood.

Nonetheless, we're still offering the conference room as a cage-match venue for any up-coming public disputes.

Mayfield plays St. Edwards at 1 p.m. at Byers Field.


As we told you this week, Cleveland Heights High School is trying to use the courts to squeeze their way into the high school football playoffs. With post-season pigskin action set to kick off tonight, a Cuyahoga County judge has just released a decision siding with the suburb — pretty much throwing the entire schedule into code-red disarray.

The blunt-edge of their argument is that the Ohio High School Athletic Association should have counted a forfeit on Cleveland JFK's schedule when calculating the playoff berths; had the game been included, the equations would have spit out Cleveland Heights as the 8th and final seat in the contest.

However, OHSAA didn't use the game in their evaluations; that round of number-crunching put Mayfield in the 8th seed. Cleveland Heights felt cheated out of their spot, so they called in lawyers.

This morning, Common Pleas Judge Richard McMonagle granted the schools filing, thereby bouncing Mayfield from the post-season. Mayfield is obviously pissed off about the decision, and their lawyers are scheduled to make a court appearance this afternoon arguing the other side of the issue, so check back for more details.

But doesn't all this lawyering just make the whole thing seem lame? If this was West Texas, wouldn't the two head coaches just enter some hog pen for an all-in cage match, the team with man left standing the undisputed winner? “Guys, we're in the playoffs because Coach M. defeated the Mayfield guy in hand-to-hand combat!” sounds a lot better than “Guys, we're in the playoffs because Jimmy's dad successfully petitioned for relief from the common pleas judge!”

So what we're saying is: Are we weenies, Northeast Ohio? Are we? Let's just cage-match this thing to a conclusion. We're offering up the Scene conference room as a venue.

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