Who are you voting for?




I am not talking about Obama or Romney. There is a much bigger issue at
stake here; burger or hot dog joints? This choice has been debated ever
since bread was sliced. And Northeast Ohio has its share of classic
and trendyburger and dog spots.

The burger as of recently has taken a culinary twist with gourmet
toppings. Everything from eggs to corned beef have topped this meat
icon. On the other end, the dog has seen some upgrades as well. But it
doesn’t stand alone. This candidate "rolls" with its cousin the
sausage. Look no further than the Polish Boy, which has become a
Cleveland rite of passage.

Something tells me that just like the Presidential election, this will
not be decided that easily. I have taken the liberty of listing some
of the candidates’ top performers. They have been filling our hearts
and stomachs for years, and they are looking for your vote. To be
perfectly fair, I would suggest trying each and everyone one of these
places before voting. This is one election you don't want to mail in
your ballot.


B Spot
Johnny's Little Bar
Heck's Cafe
Lolita - Symon Burger
5 Guys
Burger Nuts - Willoughby
Mr. Hero's Roman Burger


Steve's Lunch
Happy Dog
Hot Dog Heaven - Amherst
Seti's Polish Boy
Hot Dog Diner - Parma
Hot Sauce Williams - Polish Boy

Jason Beudert
"I just call it as I eat it"

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