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A weekly roundup of the top newsmakers around town.

1. Phil Dawson: Even though the Browns had a bye week, their best player still somehow managed to score nine field goals.

2. RTA Drivers: A third driver in the last two months was assaulted by a rider. MMA training now mandatory for all new drivers.

3. The Plain Dealer: Guild members launch the “Save the Plain Dealer” campaign to pre-empt cuts by its parent company. Read all about its outcome in the three-day-a-week Plain Dealer debuting next year.

4. Luis Proenza: The University of Akron president says colleges can’t continue to justify the high cost of tuition. Clarifies later that he has no intention of reducing tuition, it’s just a thought he had.

5. Cuyahoga County Library: Once again given a five-star rating by the Index of Public Library Service. Also once again given a five-star rating by that homeless guy as a warm place to masturbate.


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