The Quality of Cleveland Life Report




Your guide to living in fabulous Cleveland.

The Atlantic Cities ranks the 20 best music cities in America, and Cleveland doesn’t make the list. Must cease using “Heart of Rock ’n’ Roll” moniker, begin using “Epiglottis of Rock ’n’ Roll.”

An insurance company claims Cleveland is one of the worst cities for Smartphone theft. That thug who lifted your iPhone outside the bar last weekend is reading this nugget right now and nodding.

Voters decide Jimmy Dimora’s name should come off the Bedford Heights Community Center. Rockside Rd. Holiday Inn ahead of the curve when it quarantined and burned the room where DiMora had his sexual dalliances.

This Week’s Index: You’re on a mission to drink every seasonal winter ale from every local brewery. Then on a mission to revisit the ones you don’t remember drinking.

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