Someone Found a Scene Magazine in Singapore




File under: random but fucking awesome emails we get sometimes.

I live in Singapore.

I recently bought here an old Tom Paxton vinyl album for $2. Inside the cover was a paper publication called The Scene (Notheastern Ohio).

It is a free publication dated July 18-24 1974 (vol 5, no 27).

On the cover is a picture is a picture of Yvonne Elliman (whatever happened to her?).

I am not sure if this publication is part of the current The Scene history.

It is in pretty good shape considering the age and the fact it has probably not seen the light of day for a number of years.

We reached back out to the lucky owner of the Tom Paxton vinyl to thank him and offered to cover the cost to ship the piece of Scene history back to its rightful home in Cleveland. Hopefully he sends the Paxton album, too.

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