Friday Morning Reading From Around Town


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Coupla interesting things coming off the local presses this morning. Here's Scene's morning reading roundup:

- Didja catch the Geminid meteor shower last night? WEWS has some pretty far-out video of the show via NASA this morning. Let us know what the best soundtrack for this kinda thing is. (Flaming Lips' take on Dark Side of the Moon?)

- John Horton's Road Rant column hits on the most pressing issue of our time. Probably a good recap before the holiday traveling season.

- Over at Fresh Water Cleveland, our neighbors are touting our town's low cost of living. Yep, compared to the rest of the country, we're living like gazillionaires over here. Pass the deep-fried caviar, please.

- And with Rep. Dennis Kucinich on his way out, one Lakewood businessman has big plans for the congressman's office space. Lakewood Patch has the details on that one.


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