Morning Reading From Around Cleveland: Dec. 20



- The PD's Robert Schoenberger takes a look at what Michigan's right-to-work legislative battle would look like in Ohio. In summary, it would be taken to the public. (Cue acid flashbacks to the S.B. 5 days.) "Because of (a 2011) court ruling, a push to make Ohio right to work would almost certainly lead to a union-backed recall effort," Schoenberger writes.

- WEWS has a handy primer on McDonald's plans to remain open throughout Christmas Day. That's according to a leaked internal memo, which contradicts the company's original promise to give employees time off for the holiday. One website commenter tidily responds, in full: "i am sure the polw drivers will be going there to have there a good thing............." Hmm... Quite.

- Over at Lakewood Patch, local reporters are summing up Lakewood High School's ban on hoodies. An online petition circulated among students and parents urges the administration to overturn the ban. No dice, despite the more than 500 signatures in support of the reversal.

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