Cleveland Word of the Day: Sackmeister



  • Jeffrey Beall/Wikimedia Commons
A hat tip to Browns reporter May Kay Cabot for the colorful headline referencing the Denver Broncos' Von Miller.

The proverbial sack specialist - last year's NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year - is set to give the Browns' O-line hell on Sunday. The Broncos are currently No. 2 in sacks for the year.

Via Cabot, here's Browns' right tackle Mitchell Schwartz on the sackmeister-laden challenge that lay ahead:

"If he's not the best [we've faced], he's very, very close," said Schwartz. "He's probably the best pure athlete in terms of speed and change of direction and athleticism. You set too wide, he'll get inside of you at the snap of a finger. You try to take that away, and he'll beat you on the corner. He's able to do everything, which gives you a lot of challenges."

Friday Challenge: Use the Cleveland Word of the Day (CWOTD™) in casual conversation.

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