Cleveland Would Like to Remind You Not to Shoot Guns Into the Air to Celebrate the New Year




Snow is on everyone's mind here in Northeast Ohio. You can tell by that shrill scream that came from Clevo's collective maw earlier this week when the white stuff finally descended on the streets.

The Cleveland Department of Public Safety would like to remind you that snow is not the only thing falling from the skies. Gravity rules here, folks, and Martin Flask wants to point out that while shooting a gun off on New Year's might sound like a good idea, that bullet you fired into the sky is eventually going to come down somewhere. Also, it's against the law.

In any area, but especially in a densely populated urban area like Cleveland, the consequences of celebrating New Year’s Eve or any other occasion with a gun can be devastating. The intention may be a celebratory shot toward the sky, but the consequences of that moment can have disastrous consequences for a neighbor or someone blocks away.

It’s not just dangerous and stupid — although I would argue that should be enough, it is also illegal to discharge a firearm in the city of Cleveland (Codified Ordinance 627.20).

So, yeah, don't do that.

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