Post-Holiday Blizzard And More: Wednesday Morning News


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A very merry post-Christmas to all and to all a good morning, etc.

- The holiday fun is showing no signs of letting up as a massive blizzard sets its sights on Cleveland. The Weather Channel has been kind enough to give this storm a Northeast Ohio twist: The network has dubbed it "Winter Storm Euclid."

- Beyond that major news story of the day, prepare to hear the phrase "fiscal cliff" several dozen times as thy media's noble punditry reads the tea leaves of our impending tax-based doom.

- Lastly, dig Tom Breckenridge's report on the tentative, kind-of, sorta agreement going on between RTA and Xerox over the latter's ownership of ticketing machines. Until progress is made, continue treating the things like a Mortal Kombat throwback: button-mashing like hell until a deranged voice comes over the speakers: "Finish him!"


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