What We're Reading in Cleveland This Morning: Jan. 3



- Cuyahoga County Council met yesterday to swear in its second iteration (all the same members as before) and to discuss plans for the county's future headquarters. Via The PD's Michelle Jarboe McFee, a downtown property owner offered a second proposal to contrast County Executive Ed FitzGerald's recommendation to sell the Ameritrust complex along East 9th Street and build the new HQ there.

- The moving van stopped by Rep. Dennis Kucinich's Lakewood office yesterday to clear out boxes, furniture and that well known Cleveland smile from the building, according to Lakewood Patch. While you're reading up on the news, do give his farewell speech as listen, as well.

- And... We'll just put this Cleveland Leader headline here for you to check out: "Drunk Woman Invades Lorain Fire Department; Refuses To Come Off Fire Truck"

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