What We're Reading in Cleveland This Morning: Jan. 4


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- The city collectively experienced spasms of joy yesterday as outfielder Nick Swisher was publicly introduced as a member of the Tribe. The Columbus-born Yankee-transplant was beaming during his presser ("This is the place for me to be. All roads led to Cleveland.") and manager Terry Francona mirrored his smile:

- Arrests are being made following a fatal New Year's Day shooting in Lorain, according to The Morning Journal. Gunfire broke out at a gas station in the early hours of Jan. 1, leaving a 33-year-old innocent bystander dead. Murder suspect Desmen Noble, 31, of Lorain, was arraigned in Lorain Municipal Court yesterday.

- Ah, yes: And our fair city once again earned its share of the spotlight via The Daily Beast's list of America's drunkest cities. We're 24 out of 25, but look closer: Our city boasts the highest percentage of residents who are binge drinkers or heavy drinkers. Happy Friday - and I will see you at the bar.


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