Former Indian Jody Gerut In New Role As 'Anti-Bankruptcy Agent'



Jody_G.jpg's Anthony Castrovince took an interesting look at one of the Cleveland Indians' most interesting alumni.

The former outfielder retired in 2011, following nearly a decade of mostly stellar playing that was contrasted against injuries, trades and trips to the Minor League. Along the way, though, he picked up a fair bit of financial acumen that he's using to the build the foundation of his next career: player agent for Wasserman Media Group.

Here's more from Castrovince's report:

"My life's work," he says, "has become the reduction of athlete bankruptcy down to zero percent. As much as I want to be an agent that pushes the market appropriately, I also want my identity to be the anti-bankruptcy agent."

His goal is to better educate today's athletes, particularly those in Latin America, about life after sports, and this means educating himself as well. He's considering a position on an advisory board for a nonprofit dealing with athlete bankruptcy, and he's also studying up on franchising — a popular investment for current and former athletes — so that he'll be able to provide proper counsel to clients considering that course.

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