Man Charged for Barking at Police Dog




If Cameron Dunn had been a Scene reader the last couple of years, he would have known that barking at a police dog is a crime.

Did you know that? Probably not, but you've also probably never had the inclination to bark at a police dog.

This happened at least once before, back in April 2011 when a Cincy-area man "teased" a cop K-9 by barking at him. When cops asked him what the hell he was doing, the man said, "The dog started it."

Dunn probably was unaware of that incident, as the AP reports that the Dayton-area man was sitting in the back of a cop car earlier this week when police called a K-9 unit to check his car. When the pup arrived, Dunn started barking.

With the dog's assistance, cops found marijuana seeds in his vehicle, then tacked on a misdemeanor charge of assaulting or harassing a police dog, too.

Don't bark at police dogs, people. No matter how tempting and harmless it seems.

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