Let's All Rehash The Central Question of Our Time: LeBron in Cleveland?



The local sporting press is really flexing its navel-gazing muscles with the return of an overworked thought process: Might LeBron James come home?

The Akron Beacon Journal reignited talk this week with a trade deadline article:

Executives and agents around the league are convinced the Cavaliers won’t do anything to jeopardize their ability to sign a free agent to a max contract during the summer of 2014, when LeBron James can again become a free agent. As fans in Northeast Ohio continue to howl and remain divided about the possibility of his return, more and more people around the league believe there is a strong possibility James will indeed return to Cleveland after next season.


There's one take on the lastest round of LeBron-returning-to-Cleveland banter.

It all seems faintly familiar, as if this same story really does crop up every few months. But this time, they say, it's for real. Kinda.

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