And Now, A Few Choice Words From Machine Gun Kelly



Cleveland's own Machine Gun Kelly was caught riffing with The Good Guys recently.

He broke down the basics of what it means to be a young entertainer coming up in Cleveland's hip-hop scene. Here are some context-free snippets from his interview:

"I just did outlandish things like pull up to high schools - you know, every fucking high school - on the east side, hand out my CDs. Already it was just awkward, 'cause it's a white boy, it's a rapper."

"I got all my stuff organically."

"People are meant to go in it. People are meant to go out of it."

"Damn, I just stuttered like a motherfucker."

"If you're cool with somebody, they're going to want to do stuff for you, man. Flat out."

"Fuck it; two titties in a bucket."

Check out the surprisingly in-depth full video below for the rest of Machine Gun Kelly's wisdom and a preview of his quaint new single, "Ratchet":

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