Jonathon Sawyer Talks Flu Remedies



Via Bon Appetit:

Across town, Greenhouse Tavern chef-owner Jonathan Sawyer is all about packing in as many antioxidants as possible when he falls prey to winter viruses. He swears by green tea, cranberry, celery and kale smoothies—plus an intense soup of barley, miso, and garlic with a side of his wife's homemade goldfish crackers. "This boosts initial recovery, and is then followed by some Hot Bourbon Toddy's with pu'erh tea and raw Ohio honey, plenty of books, and marathons of Walking Dead, Lost, or Twilight Zone," he says.

We second his recommendations - particularly that bit about the bourbon. In fact, just pour us a double of Maker's and we'll be feeling juuust fine.

Drop your own homespun flu remedies in the comments section below.

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