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Tremont Scoops to open with new owners.
  • Tremont Scoops to open with new owners.

According to Paul Weinzimmer, "Tremont Scoops is undergoing some light renovation since closing right before Christmas."

When Tremont Scoops reopens they will keep their focus on ice cream, milk shakes, sundaes and a vegan menu. Weinzimmer says, "We hope to offer as many as 20 flavors and hope to be able to find a local source with high butter fat content. The higher the butter fat the better the ice cream." Good thinking.

"The ice cream shop seats 12 indoors with additional outdoor seating," says Weinzimmer, "Although, most customers are happy to stroll around the streets with ice cream in hand."

Weinzimmer landed in Tremont because of his appearance on HGTV's House Hunters where he wound up buying a house in Tremont. He later found his five partners that form the company through Twitter. That's the power of the little blue bird!

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