A Speakeasy for Katz Club Diner


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Katz announces speakeasy at Katz Club Diner
  • Amy Viny
  • Katz announces speakeasy at Katz Club Diner

Doug Katz announced this week his plans for the second of two train cars comprising Katz Club Diner on Lee Rd., in Cleveland Hts.

“A ‘bar car,’ to complement the dining car. It will open later in the evening, a private, more intimate space featuring 'kitchen cocktails.' Craft cocktails made from scratch using exquisite ingredients all prepped in our kitchen along with an array of small plates,” says Katz. “This space will also be available for special events, bachelor/bachelorette parties and champagne brunches. It will be open Thursday through Sunday. We hope to establish a following as the place to go later in the evening, after dinner. We’ll be open until 1am.”

Katz wants it to be a private, cozy space with all the intimacy of a great speakeasy. As they say, “hope springs eternal” and they continue to hope for an early spring open.

This will be Katz’s third enterprise in the restaurant business. He’s Executive Chef/ Owner of Fire Food & Drink and the soon-to-open Katz Club Diner, as well as partner with Bon Appetit Management Company at Provenance, the new restaurant and café at the Cleveland Museum of Art.


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