Health Line is top of the line, at least in USA




The Health Line is the number one Bus Rapid Transit system in the country, according to the Institution for Transportation & Development Policy.

And it's not exceptional or anything. Cleveland scored a 63/100 for a "Bronze" rating on the ITDP scale, but still managed to outperform shitty counterparts in Eugene, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, and Las Vegas.

The top two performing BRT systems in the world are in Bogota, Colombia, and Guangzhou, China.

It isn't that gold standard BRT is impossible in the United States. Certainly it's possible. But it isn't built here because nobody really wants to build it.

The same community leaders who choose BRT over rail, because BRT is cheaper, then make the same choice when faced with other potential cost-cutting measures. They eliminate the most expensive features, until the gold standard that was promised isn't actually what's delivered.

Regardless, it's fun to throw this in Pittsburgh's face.

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