Medicaid and More: What We're Reading in Cleveland This Morning: Jan. 25



- The PD's Pat Galbincea reports that hundreds turned out last night in Cleveland to throw their support behind the expansion of Medicaid in Ohio. Any decision on that front, which would reach out and affect about 600,000 Ohio residents, will fall to Gov. John Kasich and the Statehouse.

- Following this week's Rocky River drive-by shooting (What?), a 21-year-old Cleveland man has turned himself in to police, WKYC reports. Police Chief Kelly Stillman calls the incident a "falling out" among criminals. One man was killed during the shooting; another man was sent to the hospital with gunshot wounds. After this first murder in the city since 1998, Stillman says: "There is not a magic bubble over the city of Rocky River. We are susceptible to crime like any other community. It happened here. It will happen somewhere else tomorrow. Everyone in Rocky River should feel safe."

- And dig the Akron Beacon Journal's roundup of Haslam/Chudzinski highlights from last night's Greater Cleveland Sports Awards. Here's a quick one:

Chudzinski on hiring one of his mentors, Norv Turner, as his offensive coordinator: “There was a lot of pitch to Norv. After I got the job, I had to put on the recruiting hat and do one of my best recruiting jobs to get Norv here. I didn't tell him there was any snow or any cold weather. But he decided to come, and certainly for a lot of reasons that's a huge piece to be here both personally and professionally for me.”

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