What We're Reading in Cleveland This Morning: Jan. 30



- The PD's Brandon Blackwell has more information on the flurry of license plate-related news flowing from the Statehouse. Legislators, typically so cooperative, are keeping quiet about the details behind the state's impending license plate recall at the end of this year.

- "Hey, everybody! Let's all go down to Hard Rock Rocksino Northfield Park!" You're sure to hear that mouthful all over Northeast Ohio once the flashy new "Rocksino" opens, likely at the end of this year. The Cleveland Leader reports that the renovated joint will "feature a music venue, a comedy club and Hard Rock Cafe, in addition to horse racing and VLTs."

- 19 Action News is running the rather grim security video recorded at Cracker Barrel in Brooklyn during the shooting last year. As reporter Ed Gallek points out, this new material showcases the frenzy of action going on inside the restaurant as police took cover outside.

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