The JobsOhio Lawsuit: Kasich Refers Litigants To 'A Higher Power'



Gov. John Kasich said the people suing him over his privatized economic-development agency “are going to have to answer to a much higher power than me.”

That comes from The Columbus Dispatch's Joe Vardon, who reported on the Associated Press-organized news conference relating to JobsOhio's sale of $1.5 billion in bonds to fund a lease of the state's wholesale liquor profits. While the deal is said to spit out $100 million in revenue for future economic development across Ohio, it comes at a time when the state's Supreme Court will hear an appeal of the lawsuit ruling in favor of that every economic development "engine": JobsOhio.

In 2011, courts determined that a cadre of state legislators, as well as think tank ProgressOhio, don't have the authority to sue the state over the constitutionality of JobsOhio. A clause based on lawsuit procedures against JobsOhio was written into state law, Vardon writes.

Consider that, simultaneously, Kasich is working out a plan to ensure that "losers in a lawsuit would be required by law to cover the defendant’s court costs, unless excused by a judge," ensuring a high-risk entry point for dissent.

And to return to Kasich's "higher power" business:

“As far as invoking God, I don’t believe that the good Lord is taking sides in John Kasich’s attempt to spend $1.5 billion. I’m just as religious as he is, and I believe the good Lord is neutral as to who is right in this instance.”

- Maurice Thompson of the conservative 1851 Center for Constitutional Law

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