Lakewood Five Guys Abruptly Shutters




Despite a highly visible location in one of Ohio's densest neighborhoods, Five Guys Burgers failed to make it much past the three-year mark.

The store, located on Detroit Avenue in the heart of Lakewood, abruptly closed its doors on Saturday, Feb. 2. What's more surprising is that in addition to being a restaurant location, the property also served as regional corporate headquarters.

Residents and business owners in the area had no prior warning, getting all of their info from a letter taped to the front door that thanked patrons for their support. "Regretfully, after three years of being part of the wonderful Lakewood community, Five Guys Lakewood will be closing its doors.''

"I heard they were struggling — they weren’t doing as well as they expected," says Dan Deagan, owner of nearby Deagan's Kitchen. "If there were more than four people eating in there when I walked by, I'd be surprised."

Attempts to reach a spokesperson for Five Guys have been unsuccessful.

Scene writer Jason Beudert contributed to this story.

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