Keep Your Shitty Plates if You Want




That crazy plan which would have required Ohioans to replace their licence plates every seven years is now off the table, according to public safety officials. Also scrapped is the recall of bicentennial and "gold-lined" plates (which are actually much closer to beige, or maybe taupe.)

Though the plan would have generated revenue, it was drafted "solely" to affect law enforcement, Public Safety Communications Director Joe Andrews told crackerjack Scripps fellow Rex Santus.

More from Santus:

The recall would have required motorists to pay $10 to replace their plates. More than 2 million people would have been affected by the recall, costing Ohioans millions of dollars in replacement fees over the next two fiscal years.

But Kasich's budget didn't address the license fees, and it's no longer a priority for the folks in public safety. Ohio law still requires motorists to replace plates — at a cost of $11.75 — if they're in truly bad shape, and Ohio still has the right to demand replacement plates in instances of illegibility.

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