Roy Jech: Terrible Councilman, Name-Caller




Our story in last week's magazine about former Parma City Councilman Roy Jech created quite the stir. We've received numerous emails corroborating our basic assumption that Jech was not only a crooked councilman but also a bad councilman.

One jubilant resident emailed to inform us that because of our coverage, Jech formally announced his intention not to run in the democratic primaries this year.

Several others volunteered their correspondences with the councilman to supplement the grist for our mill. Here's one juicy tidbit to illustrate the type of community leader Jech was for Parma's ninth ward.

After a concerned resident emailed Jech expressing dismay that he was handled with discourtesy after making a comment at a public meeting, Jech had this to say:

I don't care what you think, and nobody needs to tell my colleagues and myself that they are embarrassed for us as if you are better than us. You can go crying to the sun post like a baby and I don't care. When you think you can speak to others with courtesy you will receive the same, you ass.

Councilman Roy J. Jech
Parma, Ohio

Mmmmm mmm, leadership.

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