Strongsville Recreation Center Victim of Bat Occupation



The big brown bat, or Eptesicus fuscus
  • The big brown bat, or Eptesicus fuscus

Last month a lifeguard at the Walter F. Ehrnfelt Recreation and Senior Complex in Strongsville discovered a big brown bat languishing poolside in the aquatic center. Still haunted by harrowing recollections of Robin Williams’ “Batty Rap” in Fern Gully, rec center supervisors solicited an animal removal expert, and soon discovered the lone bat could be an emissary from an entire bat colony that entered the facility through collapsed drywall and has wisely opted to winter in the heated spa complex.

Because big brown bats are a protected species, the rec center has to wait until the bats decamp in spring to repair the drywall and reopen the heated pool. Bats normally hibernate in winter, unless temperatures exceed 60 degrees, in which case they host a months-long pool party and tell the grown-ups to suck it. Only time will tell if this traumatic infestation catalyzes a legion of bat-themed senior superheroes. (via News Channel 5)

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