Cleveland Rules for Young Single Men




Real estate website just released its "In the Mood for Love Index," a ranking of the 150 largest U.S. cities based on their desirability for young singles, and Cleveland triumphed in three of four categories, the only midwestern city that performed so well. Take that, Chicago! Go puke and cry on your hot dogs!

Says Zillow Chief Marketing Officer Amy Bohutinsky, “...when young singles are considering where to move next, it makes perfect sense to consider how easy it will be to meet that person of their dreams. We took a scientific approach to something that’s typically been assumed more art than science.”

Zillow’s “scientific”-ish scoring methodology reflects factors such as median rent vs. median income (most young unmarried people are renters), walkability (we find it’s easier to meet people when you’re not dodging knife-wielding crackheads), recent transplant rate (we’ll defer this one to this Vice post—bonus points if you can spot the Clevo punk venue), abundance of unmarried residents under 35, and ratio of single males to single females under 35. Cleveland ranked fourth for young single men seeking women, third for women seeking women, and eighth for men seeking men. Young hetero ladies who are “in the mood for love,” however, should maybe move to Milwaukee, whittle their ranks in a Thunderdome-style gladiatorial showdown, or settle on Babeland's Valentine’s sale, in ascending order of practicability.

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