This Is Your Rocky River Youth On Drugs



  • DEA
The Sun News' Ed Carroll reports on quite the event that unfolded last night in utopian Rocky River. A teenager had taken two doses of LSD and began leading police on a chase through backyards down by the Cleveland Yacht Club.

Officers eventually found the teen near Lake Road, and the teen attempted to run. Officers report the teen was screaming incoherently and very disoriented. The teen allegedly swung at the officer before he was handcuffed. Hill said the teen was attempting to chew on the officer's shoe after he was handcuffed.

Police later found six other young'uns tripping their faces off at the house from which the shoe-chewer had fled. The parents, who were home at the time, were uncooperative, according to officers. A slew of charges came down on the original lad, including disorderly conduct and resisting arrest (and freaking us all out, dude... ...we presume). Additional charges, for all involved, may be filed as well.

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