Self-Proclaimed Sex Addict Attempts Sex Addiction Legal Defense




This morning, under "Slimy Executives Giving Bizarre Legal Defenses the ol' College Try":

Former MetroHealth VP and self-proclaimed sex addict John Carroll — no relation — is serving nine years at a maximum security prison for accepting nearly $700,000 in bribes to steer construction projects. The PD and others reported this morning that he will not be granted a shorter prison term for his "mental condition," i.e., his sex addiction.

Carroll called the addiction "out of control."

U.S. District Judge Sara Lioi said (and I paraphrase): "Explain to me how a sex addiction has anything to do with all that scuba equipment and golf outings and gift cards and trips to India and Japan that you got."

Carroll's argument was only that he suffered from the sex addiction when he agreed to plead guilty, not when he was accepting all that scuba equipment.

Lioi said (and I paraphrase): "No way Jose."

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