County Sets Sights on Curbing Heroin-Related Deaths



With heroin-related deaths rising steadily in Cuyahoga County and the rest of Ohio, a new initiative is now in place to raise awareness and promote treatment opportunities.

County Exec Ed FitzGerald offers a far-ranging perspective on the matter: “The face of heroin use has changed dramatically: affecting all races, all socio-economic classes, both sexes and the inner and outer-ring suburbs - all have been tragically impacted. We cannot stand by. We will work, together, to stop this epidemic, and stop the loss of life and the loss of quality of life.”

Indeed, the word "epidemic" is being tossed around the local discourse more and more lately.

MetroHealth Medical Center, which falls under the umbrella of county leadership, is opening its doors and working to welcome heroin users in need of help. The Free Clinic of Greater Cleveland, 12201 Euclid Ave., will be open from 1 - 5 p.m. on Fridays and will be dispensing free health kits that contain inhalants that will essentially reverse an overdose. Though the scope is minimal at best, friends and family members of heroin users are encouraged to pick up the kits.

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