Neighbors' Battle Over One Family's Home Nears Its Tired End in Lakewood


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It's a story that alternately makes homeowners around the area yawn and burst out into angst-ridden shudders. A contingent of wealthy homeowners banded together late last year to try and garner approval for the historic designation of a home in the neighborhood. Problem was, the homeowners of that home, the "Heideloff House," didn't want that to happen.

Per Lakewood Patch, the Lakewood Architectural Board of Review denied a rehearing of that historic designation plea, which effectively puts an end to the months-long debate.

The tale is convoluted, but it's a rather interesting case study of private property rights vs. the historic integrity of a neighborhood.

After all that, the owners of the home in question intend on (possible moving the home and) building anew on the lakeside property to the tune of $2 million. Plans are working their way through the city's boards and commissions early this year.


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