“Miracle Baby” Born After Botched Abortion



Ohios most incompetent abortion provider
  • Ohio's most incompetent abortion provider

22-year-old Cuyahoga Falls resident Ariel Knights is filing a malpractice lawsuit against the Akron Women’s Medical Group for “deviating from acceptable standard care”—that is, failing to abort her first-trimester fetus, “eventually leading to”—drumroll, please—“her child's birth" and endangering Knights’ life.

The doctor, who allegedly positioned her over a trash bag at the clinic, told her everything was “good and clear” before sending her on her not-so-merry, still-preggo way.

Knights has a rare condition called “uterus didelphys,” or “double uterus,” which means her uterus is divided into two chambers. Knights had already successfully carried a child to term in her left uterus, but this pregnancy was in her right, which doctors told her wasn’t stable enough to support a fetus, jeopardizing both her pregnancy and her life.

After her supposed abortion, Knights was “constantly ill and in pain,” so she went to the ER, where doctors discovered that she was still pregnant. Not wanting to return to the abortion clinic that had already proven ineffective at, well, abortions, she contacted another clinic in the area, which declined to treat her “for somebody else’s mistake.”

After long stints at the hospital and ER throughout her pregnancy, Knights, who is pro-choice, finally delivered a healthy baby girl—what newspapers are calling her "miracle baby"—in September, but is suing the clinic for over $25,000 in “compensatory damages." She hopes the suit will bring attention to subpar women’s healthcare in the area.

Our solution? The automated DIY abortion pod from Prometheus. Duh.

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