McCoy to San Francisco for Seventh Round Pick




To the extent that there was one, the Colt McCoy era is over, Browns fans.

The University of Texas legend who has battled for starter status and respect since the day he arrived in Cleveland has been traded, along with a sixth round pick, to the San Francisco 49ers for a fifth and seventh round pick.

Here's the PD's Mary Kay Cabot with the trade analysis:

Because the sixth-round pick that the Browns sent (173 overall) and the fifth they received (164) overall, were so close in proximity, the trade amounts to McCoy for a seventh-round pick and a move up nine spots into the fifth round.

Talk about a return on investment!

McCoy will likely be installed as the 49ers backup behind Colin Kaepernick, who emerged last year as a rookie when QB Alex Smith was injured. Smith was traded to the Chiefs early this off season. Next year is the last of McCoy's four-year contract, and San Francisco will be on the hook for a fat $1.5 million.

Guys, don't worry. The Browns signed journeyman QB Jason Campbell to a two-year contract last week, and with the extra pick from San Fran we can be sure to draft a couple extra rookie QBs for fun!

The quarterback carousel continues to maniacally spin.

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