Good Eats: Twister Pizza @ Slice Above




It's easy to name the providers of great pizza pie throughout Northeast Ohio. Angelo's, Mama Santa's, Geraci's, Danny Boys, Marotta's, Valentino's all are no-brainers. But there are many lesser known joints that dish up fly pie as well. One of those joints is A Slice Above Pizzeria (8788 Pearl Rd., 440-826-1300, in Strongsville. Now, this place has re-invented the specialty pizza category. Combos like bacon cheeseburger, white clam and the Greek pizza are just a few of the deliciously wild concoctions. But without question the most popular pie here is the Twister — and you definitely need a twisted mind to come up with it. Basically, it's a soft pretzel pizza. Picture creamy cheddar cheese sauce topped with chewy soft pretzels and drizzled with honey and a generous layer of mozzarella-provolone cheese blend. It's an odd but satisfying diversion from the same-old pies.

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