Kathy Griffin tailored last night's set at the State for Cleveland




After a brief video montage that concluded with a message from her mother, comedian Kathy Griffin started last night’s set at the State Theatre with a series of jokes about Cleveland as she promised “everyone is going down tonight.” “Cleveland, how the fuck are you,” she said as she rattled off a series of obscenities. “It’s good to be here on a Sunday, the Lord’s day. How the fuck did that happen?” She then said it was appropriate given that the state motto is “with God all things are possible” and then offered, “We’re going to party like it’s Saturday night, for fuck’s sake.” She thanked all the “straight men” for forsaking the Cavs game to come to her show but then became rather confused when someone said the Cavs were playing the Indians. “That’s a big game when the baseball team plays the basketball team,” she said. And finally, she said she couldn’t understand why everyone was dressed for summer when she was “freezing my balls off.” So maybe the jokes about the weather weren't anything we haven't heard before but at least the set wasn't entirely canned.

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