25 Questions for Dan Moulthrop, New City Club CEO




1) Have you ever fallen asleep at a City Club talk?

2) Were you drunk at the time?

3) What's your favorite book by Dave Eggers?

4) Will this new position occasion any significant upgrades in your suit/shoe rotation?

5) As City Club CEO, will you institute a "No Girls Allowed" rule, just for fun?

6) But what about on April Fools' Day?

7) As City Club CEO, will you institute a club password?

8) And for the record, what's your opinion on tree houses?

9) Who is the most important person in Cleveland? (Why?)

10) What's the best City Club event you've ever attended?

11) In descending order, who are the five best singers in Cleveland politics?

12) In ascending order, who are the five best dancers in Cleveland journalism? (Obvi.)

13) What's one issue in Cleveland people aren't paying enough attention to?

14) What's the future of the Civic Commons?

15) Have you ever worn women's underwear?

16) If you could invite one deceased person to give a speech at the City Club, who would it be?

17) What's your favorite sentence in the annals of speech literature?

18) Which Cleveland Indian will hit the most home runs this year?

19) What's your favorite restaurant in Cleveland?

20) What's your go-to cocktail?

21) What's (one of) the most exciting development project(s) in downtown?

22) If you had 10 minutes with Mayor Frank Jackson, what would your conversation be about?

23) Dogs or cats?

24) What are two achievable goals for your first year as CEO of the City Club?

25) What is your favorite YouTube video of all time?

BONUS QUESTION: What is the most ridiculous pickup line you've ever personally used, and did it work?

Do you have questions for Mr. Moulthrop? Ask in the comments section below!
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