Man Ignores Cops Pulling Him Over for DUI to Go Through Burger King Drive-Thru




When you need it, you need it. Any tipsy late-nighter on a bend knows that. Something greasy, something quick, and preferably something cheap, since you dropped all your dough on booze.

But you should absolutely avoid driving while intoxicated, even though those hunger pangs are pounding away at your pickled belly.

And you should absolutely, should you get behind the wheel like an asshole, obey a police officer should he flag you down from driving drunk.

A Perkins Township man was an asshole on two fronts, according to the Sandusky Register, as he not only drove while hammered, but ignored cops' efforts to pull him over. Instead, he headed straight for the Burger King drive-thru, because he was a man on a mission. He was going to have it his way. (Had to, sorry.)

“The operator was observed to have his window down and to be placing an order with the restaurant,” the report said. “I ordered the subject two times over my PA system to pull out of the drive through line.”

An officer jumped from his cruiser and arrested Sims, who admitted he was “(expletive) up,” the report said. “I should have just rode my bike to Burger King but I was too hungry,” Sims told police. He refused to submit to a breathalyzer test.

What candor.

For his misguided run for fourth meal, 34-year-old Scott Sims was booked on charges of "operating a vehicle under the influence, speeding, open container and driving under suspension."

Oh, yeah, did we mention his license was already suspended?

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