Cavs' Courtside Reporter Allie Clifton is Tweet-Flirting So Hard with C.J. Miles




Though much less pointed than J.R. Smith, Allie Clifton is still getting super flirty with C.J. Miles over social media. Look at some of these outrageous tactics!

Miles' original message:

Clifton's response, with double exclamation points and smiley face.

Impossible to determine Miles' curiosity level.

Looks like a pretty boring conversation here.

Still pretty boring.

Ok. Here we go. Clifton steps up her game a little bit: Exclamation point, smiley face, exclamation point, winkey face.

That's four consecutive "has" from Miles, plus an "lol" for good measure.

And here's the all caps maneuver followed by a smiley. Where is this going?


Very smooth, Clifton. The long con.

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