Epic Eats: Camarones del Pacifico @ Si Senor




Si Senor Restaurant, located in the West Park neighborhood, is a tasty little Mexican restaurant operated by first-generation immigrants. Regardless what you choose here — fajitas, chile con queso, chimichangas — you will leave satisfied and toting a doggie bag.

If you're looking for some guidance, we suggest the #53 — aka camarones del Pacifico ($14.99). This popular dish is comprised of 10 large shrimp stuffed with cheese and hot peppers and wrapped in bacon. The shrimp are then skewered and griddled and served atop sautéed peppers and onions. Crispy bacon, melty cheese, spicy peppers, juicy shrimp… it's a winner of a dish. You can build your own tacos with the tortillas, or just eat them as they are. Add rice, charro beans and warm tortillas and you have the makings of a Tex-Mex-style feast.

It might not be the most authentic Mexican dish in the land, but we don't hear many complaints.

Si Senor Mexican Restaurant
16800 Lorain Ave.

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