Twinsburg Gets EPA Assistance in Urban Planning



Happy Earth Day!

In between attempts to dodge windswept litter on the beaches of Lake Erie this afternoon, take a moment to contemplate what the city of Twinsburg will be doing with its fresh EPA grant:

The Congress for the New Urbanism (which just has to be more interesting and effective than the nonsense simmering within that other Congress at the U.S. Capitol) is going to work with city leaders and stakeholders to revitalize Twinsburg's "walkability" and town center aesthetics. Merging the natural world with the commercial corridor of central Twinsburg, the group hopes to usher in a new era of responsibility and all that.

The process will include one or two days of neighborhood planning and walkability training to spur conversation in the city. From there, it's in the hands of local residents willing to transform Twinsburg into a veritable bipedal Mecca.

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