Search for Jimmy Hoffa's Remains Reveals... Chicken Wings



Chicken wings?!
  • Chicken wings?!
Though the search for the ultimate resting place of notorious teamster Jimmy Hoffa continues, one thing is now certain: His skeleton was not made of chicken wing bones.

Or something like that.

The FBI and a slew of interested parties gathered at Wexler's Tavern on State Road to tear down some walls and determine whether the skeletal remains found within were actually Hoffa's bones. The infamous labor union leader disappeared in 1975, but the final resting place of his body has remained a mystery for decades.

In all, 11 bones fragments were found and laid out in the shape of a human hand, according to photographs and video taken by WKYC. Here's some more context via the news station:

It goes back to Wexler's previous owner who discovered bones wrapped in red-butcher paper inside the wall 25 years ago during a renovation. After notifying police, the bar owner says police told him to discard the bones.

Recently, the tavern's new owner found a matchbook from the Palm Desert Lodge in California when cutting out a panel in the wall. The lodge was dubbed "the house Jimmy Hoffa and the Teamsters built."

The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner's Office confirmed Thursday morning that they were not human bones. Speculation leads one to believe they were a formerly delicious order of barbecue wings. And Jimmy Hoffa is most definitely not a formerly delicious order of barbecue wings.

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