Police Tried, Succeeded in Diminishing Kent State's Annual College Fest




After police in Kent tried to nip College Fest, the annual riotous Kent State spring bash, in the bud, festivities on Kent's College Ave. occurred with no significant police activity. University media relations called it a "peaceful night."

"Penalties for unruly behavior at this year's College Fest will be far more severe than they have been in the past," read a letter (pictured right) sent to College Ave. tenants by a landlord prior to expected revelry. "The city is promising high fines and the university is threatening expulsion for those involved."

The expulsion thing had a few students worried, according to KentWired.com, and even those dauntless undergrads who were convinced the early warnings were just scare tactics kept things tame. A student reporter today chronicled how weird everything was.

College Fest last year descended into chaos, with police unleashing tear gas on the hordes of drunken co-eds while beer bottles were launched willy-nilly.

It's because last year was so out of hand, in fact, that police and university officials felt the need to crack down. In fairness, though, Kent lieutenant Jim Prusha gave students plenty of leeway.

He told KentWired that he wouldn't forcibly disperse small gatherings of "behaved residents," but if it got to the point where punches and beer bottles were thrown, he'd step in.

Who knew police could shut down a party before it got going?

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