Colt McCoy's Pastor Catches a Bird With His Bare Hand




It's unclear how Colt McCoy and his pastor Matt Carter were aiming to publicize their new book, "Real Win: A Man's Quest for Authentic Success" by quail hunting in Texas. Perhaps, in a fit of marketing desperation, they were trying to align their promotional campaign with that of Dr. Pepper Ten's?

But when Carter, a pastor at Austin's Stone Community Church, impulsively caught a bird with his bare hand, the duo of manly inspiration got more than they bargained for. The video below has gone tepidly viral, accumulating more than 500,000 views and earning Shaquille O'Neal's endorsement via Twitter.

Here's what McCoy says in the video: "That was cool."

Here's what he tweeted after the fact: "I've never been more impressed by an Aggie."

Here's what he was thinking the whole time: "How come my fucking pastor is a better receiver than anyone on the roster of the Cleveland Browns?"

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