Dish of the Day: Goose Confit @ District


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There's no shortage of places that serve up duck confit — and that's a good thing because the preparation usually is magnificent. But it was a dish on the menu of District, a new bistro that opened in PlayhouseSquare, that really got me excited for dinner.

Goose confit.

Chef Ran Saggi prepares the dish classically, cooking the American goose low and slow in its own fat. Before serving it, he blasts it in a hot oven to crisp up the skin. The meaty leg and thigh are meltingly tender, extremely flavorful, and not at all greasy or gamy as poorly prepared goose can be. It is served with a red wine cranberry reduction, which cuts the richness of the dish, and a straightforward potato puree.

It's one of those dishes that stay with you long after you finished eating it.

1350 Euclid Ave. (Entrance on E. 14th)


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